Your Circle of Influence and how to extend it

covey circle of influence
The Circle of Influence is a great tool for focusing your time and energy productively. It can help you enhance your performance, your personal growth, and even your overall happiness with life. And you can learn to extend your Circle of Influence too!
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Square breathing technique, benefits and how to get started

square breathing technique
The square breathing technique is super-simple, easy to integrate into your daily life, and offers big benefits.
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How to write effective emails (and save yourself time!)

how to write effective emails
You send the email, hear nothing back. Your deadline is looming, you chase. You get a quick response that doesn’t include all the details you need. Sounds familiar?
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Three simple skills to significantly enhance your performance at work

These 3 skills only take minutes to learn and apply. Integrate them into your daily work life and you’ll significantly enhance your performance at work. 1. Stop and reflect (time take, 10 minutes) You can learn by doing. But you’ll learn much more quickly by doing, then stopping and reflecting. Take 10 minutes. Maybe after an important meeting, or at ...
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How to be a mentor: all you need to get started

how to be a mentor
Exploring how to be a mentor in the workplace can be challenging. There’s plenty of misinformation about the role of a mentor and the differences between coaching and mentoring.   This article lays it all out for you: the benefits of being a mentor, how to be a good mentor, mentoring vs coaching, the skills you need to cultivate, and ...
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Strategic storytelling in presentations: unleash your storyteller

strategic storytelling in presentations
Strategic storytelling in presentations is a powerful way to engage and connect with your audience. Let me give you a example.
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