Use performance consulting to unlock your organization’s potential

performance consulting
Performance consulting is a skill you can apply within your area of responsibility, or to help you diagnose the challenges your entire business is facing.
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Group brainstorming activities for bigger, better ideas

group brainstorming activities
These group brainstorming activities will help you generate bigger, better ideas. You don’t need to use them all, just select which you feel are most appropriate. Mix it up and enjoy!
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Overloaded at work? 12 tips to regain control

overloaded at work
Overloaded at work? Here are my 12 tips to help you regain control. Six tips will help you reduce your workload, six tips will help you cope more effectively. 
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The Karpman Drama Triangle: how to escape the office dramas

Karpman Drama Triangle
Is there too much drama in your office? The Karpman Drama Triangle is a simple way to escape the office dramas and get back to work.
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Use the 4 Social styles model to boost your communication effectiveness

4 social styles model
My sister loves to talk. It drives me crazy! For example: we’re planning a family event and we need to make a decision. But she also needs to tell me about how everyone’s doing, all the steps that have led up to this moment, how she’s feeling about the decision, etc, etc, etc. I just want to make a quick ...
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Manage your energy not your time, here’s how to create a plan

personal energy management
Personal time management is a familiar idea, but you’ll find it much more effective to manage your energy not your time. Personal energy is the greatest resource we have available to us. Learn to increase and focus your personal energy for enhanced performance at work, and in life!
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