The year-end review: a guide for managers

year-end review guide
The end of each year is a natural opportunity for reflection, in life and in work. In this context the year-end review with each of your team members provides an opportunity for you to step back from the day-to-day and take a more holistic perspective.
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Team leadership quotes to help you be a better leader

team leadership quotes
My favorite team leadership quote is from a former CEO of Zurich Insurance. I was working with him in a leadership development workshop, and he said: Leading your team is about showing them a better future, showing them the path, and helping them along the way.
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Agile leadership behaviors: 7 tips to build a more nimble team

agile leadership behaviors
To be agile is to be quick, deft, lively, enthusiastic, quick-witted, and nimble. How can you help your team to be more agile? You need to be a role model, demonstrating agile leadership behaviors.
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Get your team talking: 7 tips to increase collaboration in meetings

Meeting facilitation skills
Team meetings are a great opportunity: for learning, collaboration, decision-making, innovation and much more. But they can also be a bit of a nightmare, especially if no-one is participating! The solution: cultivate your meeting facilitation skills.
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Six Thinking Hats – greater clarity of thinking leads to better decisions

six thinking hats
Six Thinking Hats is a great method for thinking with greater clarity, and as a result you’ll make better decisions. You can use it yourself and share it with your team when you’re ready.
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Skill Will Matrix: great insights into how to manage your team

The Skill Will Matrix has two great strengths. First, it’s intuitive to understand, and therefore easy to use. Second, it offers great insights to help you adapt your management style to provide the best support to each of your team members.
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