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‘Great ideas’ from two Aussie lads

great ideas Aussie lads
I was looking for a video to set-up a brainstorming session. I wanted something silly. I wanted something ridiculous. I wanted something that would showcase the need for lots of ideas (not all good ideas!).
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Unlearning quotes: stop learning, start unlearning!

unlearning quotes
We love quotes, they’re like little gifts sent across time and space. Here are a few of our favorite unlearning quotes (discover how to learn, then unlearn and relearn):
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The backwards brain bicycle: learning to unlearn

backwards brain bicycle
Sometimes we need to learn, unlearn, relearn: to rethink existing habits that may be holding us back and unlearn them to react differently.
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5 types of questions to build relationships, with examples

questions to build relationships
We don’t just ask questions for information, we can ask questions to build relationships too! Here are 5 types of questions to build relationships, with examples to get you started.
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3 simple creative thinking techniques for bigger, better ideas

creative thinking techniques
Sometimes we forget that simple is best. Enhance your creative thinking skills with these three simple creative thinking techniques.
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Premortem analysis: anticipate failure to achieve success

premortem analysis
The project died. The team is frustrated and depressed. Energy levels are low, glum faces all around. In hindsight it’s all so clear! You can avoid this terrible fate with a premortem analysis, a simple and powerful approach to help you anticipate failure, and avoid it.
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