22 Servant leadership quotes to inspire and guide

servant leadership quotes
These servant leadership quotes will inspire you and guide you to find our own success: in work and life.
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The ‘monkey cucumber grape’ test: video plus insights

monkey cucumber grape test
The ‘monkey cucumber grape’ test is fun and profound too, it provides insights into the importance of fairness at work.
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The original servant leader essay: prophetic and practical too

original servant leader essay
There is a religious quality to the original servant leader essay. Robert K. Greenleaf writes of “prophetic voices”, mythical journeys and “optimal growth”.
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‘Great ideas’ from two Aussie lads

great ideas Aussie lads
I was looking for a video to set-up a brainstorming session. I wanted something silly. I wanted something ridiculous. I wanted something that would showcase the need for lots of ideas (not all good ideas!).
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Unlearning quotes: stop learning, start unlearning!

unlearning quotes
We love quotes, they’re like little gifts sent across time and space. Here are a few of our favorite unlearning quotes (discover how to learn, then unlearn and relearn):
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The backwards brain bicycle: learning to unlearn

backwards brain bicycle
Sometimes we need to learn, unlearn, relearn: to rethink existing habits that may be holding us back and unlearn them to react differently.
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