The Maui Habit: tiny habits that change everything

The Maui Habit
I’ve just started the Maui Habit, and it feels good! The Maui Habit is the first example of a tiny habit that BJ Fogg shares in his book, Tiny Habits, The Small Changes That Change Everything.
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How to resolve team conflict, with 5 common examples plus solutions

team conflict
I Googled ‘how to resolve team conflict’. There was a lot of good advice (as you’d expect!) but it was all quite generic. There were no real-life examples of team conflict. And none of the articles recognized that how you resolve conflict depends on what is causing the conflict.
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Force field analysis examples: building momentum for change

Force field analysis examples
Force field analysis is a great technique for building momentum for change. It helps you to identify and overcome the restraining forces that will hold you back. And it also helps you identify and maximize the driving forces that will create forward momentum!
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Overcoming resistance to change – 7 powerful steps forward

overcoming resistance to change
It’s perfectly natural for your team members to resist change. We all like to feel safe, secure and within our comfort zone (some more than others!). Overcoming resistance to change within your team involves tapping into another aspect of human nature: the desire for learning, growth, exploration, and discovery.
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The year-end review: a guide for managers

year-end review guide
The end of each year is a natural opportunity for reflection, in life and in work. In this context the year-end review with each of your team members provides an opportunity for you to step back from the day-to-day and take a more holistic perspective.
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Team leadership quotes to help you be a better leader

team leadership quotes
My favorite team leadership quote is from a former CEO of Zurich Insurance. I was working with him in a leadership development workshop, and he said: Leading your team is about showing them a better future, showing them the path, and helping them along the way.
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