Learn, unlearn, relearn: the cycle of success

Learn unlearn relearn
For thousands of years, every civilization has valued learning. Now, learning alone is not enough. To be successful you must master the learn, unlearn, relearn cycle of success.
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Time management: the cost of quick work

time management
“I need it now!” Do you cultivate a quick culture, an ‘always on’ culture, in which you prioritize speed above all else?
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5 listening insights from the Chinese character for listening

The Chinese character for listening provides its own wisdom about how to listen effectively.
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Do you ever surprise your team? It can help you get results

surprise your team
It’s easy for any team to get stuck in a rut, especially these days. People ‘hunker down’ and hold on to what they know. But this is not going to help your team to perform.
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22 Servant leadership quotes to inspire and guide

servant leadership quotes
These servant leadership quotes will inspire you and guide you to find our own success: in work and life.
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The ‘monkey cucumber grape’ test: video plus insights

monkey cucumber grape test
The ‘monkey cucumber grape’ test is fun and profound too, it provides insights into the importance of fairness at work.
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