Many people lead quite a routine life. And doing something for the first time can seem quite scary.

We tend to take the same journey to work each day, read the same newspaper, face the same challenges at work, eat at the same restaurants for lunch, follow the same schedule at the weekend, watch the same sports channels on TV. Same same. Take a look at the room of denial in the House of Change.

How about you, when was the last time you did something for the first time?

This is a great question to ask yourself and your team. Usually it provokes puzzled expressions, wry laughter, and some soul searching.  Many people can’t think of anything. Their lives are so routine they haven’t done anything new for years.

For those few who have recently done something new the follow up question is: “so, when you were doing something for the first time, how did it feel?”.

Typically the responses are very positive. It’s natural for us to enjoy doing new things: it’s stimulating, satisfying and fun.

Try doing something for the first time each day

Every day is an opportunity to try doing something for the first time: perhaps cook something new, or make a new contact at work, pick up a different newspaper, try an exercise you’ve never done, learn to juggle, origami, sky-dive, anything!

There are two benefits:

The immediate ‘buzz’ of the new activity (especially if you’re sharing it with someone else).

And there is also a more profound benefit too.

You’ll become more confident, more creative, and better able to accept change as part of your life. As you do more new things, you’ll find that change becomes less scary and easier to embrace. You can begin to learn, unlearn and relearn skills that give you a greater chance of success in life. 

Give it a go, you’ll see the benefits. Maybe even try the 30 day challenge

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