Wellbeing and personal growth

17 growth mindset activities for adults to explore!

Growth mindset activities
We’ve pulled together 17 growth mindset activities for adults, to help you develop a growth mindset, and to share with your team too! Growth mindset first emerged when Carol Dweck wrote her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, back in 2006. Her original research focused on the impact of growth mindset on children’s development and since then the corporate ...
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How to deal with stress: quick fixes and longer term solutions

how to deal with stress
Our brains are wired for survival, not for happiness. Unfortunate, but true! And an important starting point as we explore how to deal with stress.
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Micro-inequities at work: don’t be a bystander

micro-inequities at work
Micro-inequities at work are the subtle but powerful ‘put downs’ that are the result of bias or discrimination.
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Leadership self-assessment tools to accelerate your development

leadership self-assessment tools
These leadership self-assessment tools can help you understand your strengths. They can also help you identify opportunities for development.
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Selective attention test examples: videos plus insights

selective attention test examples
Selective attention test examples are intriguing and offer an important learning point for managers (they’re also fun to share!).
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Tony Robbins’ advice on how to start your day

Tony Robbins start your day
Tony Robbins is a big believer in ‘priming’ himself to feel positive at the start of the day.
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