Wellbeing and personal growth

Self-reflection to enhance performance at work

self reflection at work
Self-reflection is a great way to quickly enhance your performance at work. Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action. Peter Drucker. In this article I’ll cover the benefits, types of self-reflection, and how to incorporate them into your work life.
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Cognitive bias examples: recognize them and regain control

Cognitive bias examples
Relationships can be tough (even when we’re thinking clearly!). To make matters worse, cognitive bias has the potential to blur, distort and complicate relationships. Let’s explore!
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How to calm your nerves before a big presentation: 12 practical, confidence-building tips

how to calm nerves before a presentation
First, I confess, I have no magic bullets. Calming your nerves before a presentation is not about one ‘quick fix’, it’s about getting all the little things right.   
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Unconscious bias videos and discussion prompts

unconscious bias videos
Unconscious bias videos are a great way to start a conversation about bias. I’ve searched for the best videos across the web and summarized them for your reference. (All the videos are just a few minutes long.)
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The 2-minute rule: a great way to get your day started

2-minute rule
I’m sat at my desk, but nothing is happening. I’ve stalled. I have no idea how to get started. The day is in danger of drifting away from me.
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The DODAR advantage: make faster, smarter decisions

In our rapidly changing world, the ability to make faster, smarter decisions is a competitive advantage. DODAR can help you. It’s a decision-making tool that originated in the aviation industry, where faster, smarter decisions save lives.
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