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A guide to developing self-compassion

Self-compassion is a term that is becoming more and more popular in the world of psychology. But what exactly is self-compassion? And why should you care? In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know about self-compassion. We will start with a definition, and then move on to discussing the benefits of cultivating this trait.
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One task at a time: the back-to-basics recipe for success

one task at a time
One task at a time. It’s the new, back-to-basics recipe for success. This article is a quick reminder to you of why it’s such a powerful approach.
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Start your day with a to-be list, not a to-do list, you’ll get more done!

to-be list
This is a simple, powerful idea, that will help you to be more productive. Start your day with a to-be list, not a to-do list. It’s counterintuitive, but I guarantee you’ll get more done (and have a much better day too!).
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The Maui Habit: tiny habits that change everything

The Maui Habit
I’ve just started the Maui Habit, and it feels good! The Maui Habit is the first example of a tiny habit that BJ Fogg shares in his book, Tiny Habits, The Small Changes That Change Everything.
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Six Thinking Hats – greater clarity of thinking leads to better decisions

six thinking hats
Six Thinking Hats is a great method for thinking with greater clarity, and as a result you’ll make better decisions. You can use it yourself and share it with your team when you’re ready.
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Exploring the Johari Window model: with examples and exercises

johari window model
In this article I’ll share everything you need to get started. I’ll explain the Johari Window model, share some personal examples, and provide simple Johari Window exercises.
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