Objectives and getting work done

How to write effective emails (and save yourself time!)

how to write effective emails
You send the email, hear nothing back. Your deadline is looming, you chase. You get a quick response that doesn’t include all the details you need. Sounds familiar?
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Self-reflection to enhance performance at work

self reflection at work
Self-reflection is a great way to quickly enhance your performance at work. Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action. Peter Drucker. In this article I’ll cover the benefits, types of self-reflection, and how to incorporate them into your work life.
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Workshop facilitation techniques for exceptional results

workshop facilitation techniques
These workshop facilitation techniques will help you design engaging, interactive, and productive workshops. They’re ideal for groups of 9 or more people.
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The 2-minute rule: a great way to get your day started

2-minute rule
I’m sat at my desk, but nothing is happening. I’ve stalled. I have no idea how to get started. The day is in danger of drifting away from me.
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SMART Goal examples: how to set yourself up for success

SMART goal examples
There’s an old expression (perhaps it’s a quote), ‘If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do’. That’s why SMART Goals are so important, they create the clarity that will set you up for success.
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The DODAR advantage: make faster, smarter decisions

In our rapidly changing world, the ability to make faster, smarter decisions is a competitive advantage. DODAR can help you. It’s a decision-making tool that originated in the aviation industry, where faster, smarter decisions save lives.
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