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Objectives and getting work done

Start your day with a to-be list, not a to-do list, you’ll get more done!

to-be list
This is a simple, powerful idea, that will help you to be more productive. Start your day with a to-be list, not a to-do list. It’s counterintuitive, but I guarantee you’ll get more done (and have a much better day too!).
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The Maui Habit: tiny habits that change everything

The Maui Habit
I’ve just started the Maui Habit, and it feels good! The Maui Habit is the first example of a tiny habit that BJ Fogg shares in his book, Tiny Habits, The Small Changes That Change Everything.
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Force field analysis examples: building momentum for change

Force field analysis examples
Force field analysis is a great technique for building momentum for change. It helps you to identify and overcome the restraining forces that will hold you back. And it also helps you identify and maximize the driving forces that will create forward momentum!
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Overloaded at work? 12 tips to regain control

overloaded at work
Overloaded at work? Here are my 12 tips to help you regain control. Six tips will help you reduce your workload, six tips will help you cope more effectively. 
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Your Circle of Influence and how to extend it

covey circle of influence
The Circle of Influence is a great tool for focusing your time and energy productively. It can help you enhance your performance, your personal growth, and even your overall happiness with life. And you can learn to extend your Circle of Influence too!
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How to write effective emails (and save yourself time!)

how to write effective emails
You send the email, hear nothing back. Your deadline is looming, you chase. You get a quick response that doesn’t include all the details you need. Sounds familiar?
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