Navigating and leading change

Overcoming resistance to change – 7 powerful steps forward

overcoming resistance to change
It’s perfectly natural for your team members to resist change. We all like to feel safe, secure and within our comfort zone (some more than others!). Overcoming resistance to change within your team involves tapping into another aspect of human nature: the desire for learning, growth, exploration, and discovery.
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Group brainstorming activities for bigger, better ideas

group brainstorming activities
These group brainstorming activities will help you generate bigger, better ideas. You don’t need to use them all, just select which you feel are most appropriate. Mix it up and enjoy!
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How to overcome your personal barriers to workplace change

personal barriers to change
Change is constant, especially within the world of work. But changes taking place at work can also be scary and confusing. The solution: learn to overcome your personal barriers to workplace change (and make change fun!).
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5 responses to change and how to become a ‘Navigator’

personal responses to change
We live in a rapidly changing world. But it’s not the change itself that will determine our future, it’s our response to the change.
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Implementing change successfully: 5 tips to guide your planning

implementing change successfully
Implementing change successfully is hard. As you know, many change initiatives fail. These 5 tips will guide you to success, keep them in mind as you plan and lead your change initiative.
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The Strategic Inflection Point: learn to anticipate and respond

strategic inflection point
The strategic inflection point: when you realize “if we keep doing what we’re doing, we’re going to become irrelevant and fail”.
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