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Leading and managing teams

The biggest mistake new managers make, and how to fix it

new manager mistakes
The first step up into management is huge and can be very disorientating. You have been successful in your previous role. However, what made you successful in the past won’t secure your success in the future.
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10 characteristics of servant leadership with quotes and questions

characteristics of servant leadership
The 10 characteristics of servant leadership were defined by Larry Spears when he was President and CEO of the Greenleaf Centre for Servant Leadership.
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3 types of questions to engage your team

Three types of questions
To engage your team, to get them talking and involved in a discussion, expressing themselves openly and honestly: this is not a simple skill.
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Effective feedback examples to quickly improve your team’s performance

effective feedback examples
Giving feedback is a great way to quickly improve performance, our effective feedback examples will help you. But first, here’s one example of how NOT to do it:
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Do you ever surprise your team? It can help you get results

surprise your team
It’s easy for any team to get stuck in a rut, especially these days. People ‘hunker down’ and hold on to what they know. But this is not going to help your team to perform.
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22 Servant leadership quotes to inspire and guide

servant leadership quotes
These servant leadership quotes will inspire you and guide you to find our own success: in work and life.
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