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Leading and managing teams

Building a feedback culture: 6 steps to success

culture of feedback
You can think of feedback as information and insight flowing through your team and your business. Building a feedback culture multiplies and accelerates that information and insight, creating great benefits for you and your team.
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Creating a learning culture in your team: 5 quick tips to get you started

creating a learning culture
We’re living through times of rapid change. You and your team must continue to learn, if you want to continue to be successful. Here are 5 quick tips for creating a learning culture in your team (all at no cost!).
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Managing poor performance: 5 points to remember

managing poor performance
Managing poor performance is one of the greatest challenges a manager can face. Turning around an under-performing team member takes patience, clarity of messaging and a disciplined approach. Do it well and it pays great dividends and makes a positive impact across the whole team. Do it badly, and it’s a frustrating waste of energy!
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Tribal Leadership by David Logan: How to lead your team to “Life’s Great!”

tribal leadership david logan
Tribal Leadership by David Logan is a practical guide to help you elevate the culture and performance of your team. The Tribal Leadership book describes 5 levels of ‘tribes’ (or teams) that can be found within any society, business or family. Developed by Professor David Logan, this tribal leadership framework helps you lead your people to a higher level.
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Overall performance review phrases examples for positive results

Performance review phrases positive results
As a manager it can be difficult to articulate your thoughts during an overall performance review with your team members. We’ve created these overall performance review phrases examples to help you.
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The five biggest challenges of management (and the solutions too!)

There are five challenges of management that are already huge and still growing in significance. It’s no exaggeration to say that how you respond to these challenges will determine your success as a manager.
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