Leading and managing teams

1-1 meetings: the backbone of successful performance management

1-1 meetings
1-1 meetings are the backbone of successful performance management. If you want your team to perform at their best, it’s essential you invest your time in regular 1-1s with each of them. (You can either help them succeed, or leave them to their work and hope!).
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Empathy in leadership: highly valued, but compassion is best

empathy in leadership
Empathy in leadership is getting a lot of attention, particularly during these challenging times. The consensus is that empathy is essential, ‘the future of leadership’.
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The spaghetti and marshmallow tower challenge: fun learning with your team!

Spaghetti Marshmallow Tower Challenge
The spaghetti and marshmallow tower challenge is a fun activity for you and your team, and it has some profound learning points too.
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Giving instructions to your team: best practice to get the job done

giving instructions to your team
Giving instructions to your team should be simple, right? Just tell them what to do, make sure they’re clear, send them on their way.
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5 types of feedback to enhance your team’s performance

types of feedback
Imagine you’re driving with your eyes closed. That’s what it’s like to work without feedback. You’ve no idea if you’re on the right track, or heading for disaster.
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The pros and cons of servant leadership: digging a little deeper

pros and cons of servant leadership
Most of the articles I’ve read about the pros and cons of servant leadership are pretty superficial (and sometime seriously misjudged!). They list things like: ‘decisions are made in the best interests of the organization’ (a pro) but ‘decisions take longer’ (a con).
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