Leading and managing teams

Skill Will Matrix: great insights into how to manage your team

The Skill Will Matrix has two great strengths. First, it’s intuitive to understand, and therefore easy to use. Second, it offers great insights to help you adapt your management style to provide the best support to each of your team members.
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The Johari Window model: examples, exercises & self-development tips

johari window model
In this article I’ll share everything you need to get started. I’ll explain the Johari Window model, share some personal examples, and provide simple Johari Window exercises.
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Use performance consulting to unlock your organization’s potential

performance consulting
Performance consulting is a skill you can apply within your area of responsibility, or to help you diagnose the challenges your entire business is facing.
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Group brainstorming activities for bigger, better ideas

group brainstorming activities
These group brainstorming activities will help you generate bigger, better ideas. You don’t need to use them all, just select which you feel are most appropriate. Mix it up and enjoy!
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The Gallup 12 questions survey: insights into engagement at work

Gallup 12 questions
The Gallup 12 questions survey provides great insights into what engages us all at work. In this article I also provide links to resources for action.
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Workshop facilitation techniques for exceptional results

workshop facilitation techniques
These workshop facilitation techniques will help you design engaging, interactive, and productive workshops. They’re ideal for groups of 9 or more people.
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