Leading and managing teams

Use the 5 languages of appreciation to give your team a boost

5 languages of appreciation in the workplace
We all want a pat on the back sometimes, right? Well, apparently not. It turns out there are 5 languages of appreciation in the workplace.
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How to resolve team conflict, with 5 common examples plus solutions

team conflict
I Googled ‘how to resolve team conflict’. There was a lot of good advice (as you’d expect!) but it was all quite generic. There were no real-life examples of team conflict. And none of the articles recognized that how you resolve conflict depends on what is causing the conflict.
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The year-end review: a guide for managers

year-end review guide
The end of each year is a natural opportunity for reflection, in life and in work. In this context the year-end review with each of your team members provides an opportunity for you to step back from the day-to-day and take a more holistic perspective.
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Team leadership quotes to help you be a better leader

team leadership quotes
My favorite team leadership quote is from a former CEO of Zurich Insurance. I was working with him in a leadership development workshop, and he said: Leading your team is about showing them a better future, showing them the path, and helping them along the way.
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Agile leadership behaviors: 7 tips to build a more nimble team

agile leadership behaviors
To be agile is to be quick, deft, lively, enthusiastic, quick-witted, and nimble. How can you help your team to be more agile? You need to be a role model, demonstrating agile leadership behaviors.
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Get your team talking: 7 tips to increase collaboration in meetings

Meeting facilitation skills
Team meetings are a great opportunity: for learning, collaboration, decision-making, innovation and much more. But they can also be a bit of a nightmare, especially if no-one is participating! The solution: cultivate your meeting facilitation skills.
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