Communication skills and relationships

Coaching vs Mentoring: many similarities, one critical difference

coaching vs mentoring
I Googled ‘coaching vs mentoring’ and I was shocked. There is so much confusion! For example, Wikipedia describes coaching as providing training and guidance. This is just plain wrong. There are many similarities between coaching and mentoring, but there is also one critical difference. It’s important you understand this, as coaching and mentoring are both important roles that you play as ...
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Effective feedback examples to quickly improve your team’s performance

effective feedback examples
Giving feedback is a great way to quickly improve performance, our effective feedback examples will help you. But first, here’s one example of how NOT to do it:
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5 listening insights from the Chinese character for listening

The Chinese character for listening provides its own wisdom about how to listen effectively.
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5 types of questions to build relationships, with examples

questions to build relationships
We don’t just ask questions for information, we can ask questions to build relationships too! Here are 5 types of questions to build relationships, with examples to get you started.
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