Communication skills and relationships

Cost effective meetings: 5 quick tips to improve your bottom line

cost-effective meetings
It’s no exaggeration to say that running cost effective meetings is critical to the performance of your business.
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Nine questioning techniques to engage your team

questioning techniques
Have you ever found yourself stuck? Unable to see a way forward in discussion with your team. You want to make progress but you’re not sure how? These nine questioning techniques will help you engage your team: you’ll effectively connect with them, build consensus and get results.
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11 career conversation tips, for great conversations with your team

career conversation tips
Career conversations with your team are a great way to motivate and retain them, but they’re not always easy. These career conversation tips will help you succeed.
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4 types of questions: from opening a discussion to the action plan

4 types of questions
Sometimes you have to tell your team what to do. It could be an emergency, a policy, a regulatory requirement. No need for discussion. Just tell them what needs to be done and why.
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Chinese proverbs and quotes about listening

Chinese Listening Quotes
Chinese proverbs about listening You have two ears and one mouth and you should use them in those proportions. Listen to all, pluck a feather from every passing goose, but follow no one absolutely. To listen well, is as powerful a means of influence as to talk well, and is as essential to all true conversation    Chinese quotes about listening ...
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3 types of questions to engage your team

Three types of questions
To engage your team, to get them talking and involved in a discussion, expressing themselves openly and honestly: this is not a simple skill.
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