Communication skills and relationships

Overall performance review phrases examples for positive results

Performance review phrases positive results
As a manager it can be difficult to articulate your thoughts during an overall performance review with your team members. We’ve created these overall performance review phrases examples to help you.
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How to find a Mentor in 3 easy steps

how to find a mentor
Finding a Mentor can be a great way to learn, develop and accelerate your career. Use this guide – How to find a mentor in 3 easy steps – to find a mentor and establish a successful Mentoring partnership with them.
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How to request feedback: a detailed, easy-to-use guide

Requesting feedback
Requesting feedback at work can be daunting (for both yourself and your team members!). To help get you started I’ve developed this detailed, easy-to-use guide. It takes you step-by-step through how to request feedback from your coworkers, how to request feedback from your manager, and how to build a culture of feedback within your team.
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Career Conversations Guide: How to engage and motivate your team

career conversations guide
Career conversations are a great opportunity to support the development of your team, engage them and motivate them to perform too.
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The ‘conference call in real life’ video: 3 quick tips to avoid the pain

Conference call in real life
You may have see this conference call in real life video already, it’s from comedians Tripp and Tyler. It’s a delicious combination of uncomfortable to watch and funny too (which probably explains why it has over 16 million views on YouTube!).
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Coaching skills for managers: develop your team and deliver results too

coaching skills for managers
Coaching is a critical skill for any manager to develop. Learn to apply these key coaching skills for managers and you’ll be engaging, motivating and developing your team. And you’ll be doing this while you’re working with them to delivery results!
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