Communication skills and relationships

Giving instructions to your team: best practice to get the job done

giving instructions to your team
Giving instructions to your team should be simple, right? Just tell them what to do, make sure they’re clear, send them on their way.
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Types of listening skills and when to use them

types of listening skills
Listening is a vital skill for success in the workplace. In this post we dig a little deeper, exploring 7 types of listening skills and when to use each one.
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5 types of feedback to enhance your team’s performance

types of feedback
Imagine you’re driving with your eyes closed. That’s what it’s like to work without feedback. You’ve no idea if you’re on the right track, or heading for disaster.
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Critical listening: how to benefit from this misunderstood skill

critical listening skills
Critical listening has a bad reputation. When we think about listening, it’s words like ‘active’ and ‘empathetic’ that have positive connotations, but ‘critical’ listening is often considered negatively.
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Building a feedback culture: 6 steps to success

culture of feedback
You can think of feedback as information and insight flowing through your team and your business. Building a feedback culture multiplies and accelerates that information and insight, creating great benefits for you and your team.
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How to answer questions: simple and powerful techniques for confident Q&As

how to answer questions
Answering questions can be nerve-racking! Whether it’s in a corridor conversation, during a meeting, or after a great presentation, you’re on the spot. It’s an opportunity for you to shine or fall flat on your face. These techniques will help you learn how to answer questions with confidence and clarity.
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