Communication skills and relationships

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Effective presentation skills: 7 tips to boost your confidence

effective presentation skills
Presentations are a great opportunity. They’re an opportunity to move your work forward and to build your reputation. But only if you have effective presentation skills.
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Workshop facilitation techniques for exceptional results

workshop facilitation techniques
These workshop facilitation techniques will help you design engaging, interactive, and productive workshops. They’re ideal for groups of 9 or more people.
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18 Barriers to listening and how to overcome them

barriers to listening
There are so many barriers to listening! It’s amazing we can connect at all. Recognize the barriers and you can start to overcome them. Follow the guidance in this article and you’ll make even further progress towards listening effectively.  
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How to calm your nerves before a big presentation: 12 practical, confidence-building tips

how to calm nerves before a presentation
First, I confess, I have no magic bullets. Calming your nerves before a presentation is not about one ‘quick fix’, it’s about getting all the little things right.   
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A simple, engaging presentation structure that works every time

presentation structure
A simple, engaging presentation structure is like the air that your audience breaths: invisible, unnoticed and essential. It will draw them into the content, and they will stay fully focused on what you have to say.
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3 levels of conversation: great for figuring out “what just went wrong?!”

three levels of conversation
Have you ever walked away from a conversation, thinking “what just went wrong?!”. The 3 levels of conversation can help you.
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