Communication skills and relationships

Use the 5 languages of appreciation to give your team a boost

5 languages of appreciation in the workplace
We all want a pat on the back sometimes, right? Well, apparently not. It turns out there are 5 languages of appreciation in the workplace.
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Get your team talking: 7 tips to increase collaboration in meetings

Meeting facilitation skills
Team meetings are a great opportunity: for learning, collaboration, decision-making, innovation and much more. But they can also be a bit of a nightmare, especially if no-one is participating! The solution: cultivate your meeting facilitation skills.
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Use the 4 Social styles model to boost your communication effectiveness

4 social styles model
My sister loves to talk. It drives me crazy! For example: we’re planning a family event and we need to make a decision. But she also needs to tell me about how everyone’s doing, all the steps that have led up to this moment, how she’s feeling about the decision, etc, etc, etc. I just want to make a quick ...
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How to write effective emails (and save yourself time!)

how to write effective emails
You send the email, hear nothing back. Your deadline is looming, you chase. You get a quick response that doesn’t include all the details you need. Sounds familiar?
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How to be a mentor: all you need to get started

how to be a mentor
Exploring how to be a mentor in the workplace can be challenging. There’s plenty of misinformation about the role of a mentor and the differences between coaching and mentoring.   This article lays it all out for you: the benefits of being a mentor, how to be a good mentor, mentoring vs coaching, the skills you need to cultivate, and ...
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Strategic storytelling in presentations: unleash your storyteller

strategic storytelling in presentations
Strategic storytelling in presentations is a powerful way to engage and connect with your audience. Let me give you a example.
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