Elon Musk on meetings: 7 tips to maximize productivity

Elon Musk meetings
Love him or hate him, Elon Musk has strong opinions! And one of the business practices he loves to talk about are meetings, and how to have productive meetings. Elon Musk’s meeting rules, and why they matter Elon Musk’s business practices are notorious. He focuses on innovation, efficiency, and ambitious goal-setting. He leads hands-on, often working directly with teams to ...
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Workplace productivity strategies that will boost your performance

workplace productivity
Boosting your workplace productivity is easier if you think of it as several small steps. There’s no ‘big bang’ solution. Workplace productivity is about your mindset, using tools and techniques appropriately, good energy management, and applying your workplace skills for maximum impact. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through 8 strategies that will boost your performance. Choose the strategies ...
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How To Master Time Blocking: Your Comprehensive Guide

Time blocking
Time blocking is more than a mere time management technique: it’s a strategic approach to mastering your daily schedule, aligning your tasks with your overarching goals, and ensuring you carve out vital time for rest and self-care, thereby boosting your productivity. By segmenting your day into dedicated time slots for specific tasks or related activities, you effectively prioritize your workload ...
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A guide to developing self-compassion

Self-compassion is a term that is becoming more and more popular in the world of psychology. But what exactly is self-compassion? And why should you care? In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know about self-compassion. We will start with a definition, and then move on to discussing the benefits of cultivating this trait.
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Managing team burnout: before it’s too late

managing team burnout
A special report on burnout and stress from the APA discussed how American workers across the board saw heightened rates of burnout from 2020 to 2021. Based on their findings, 79% of employees experienced work-related stress in the month before the survey, and 3 in 5 employees felt the negative impacts of work-related stress, such as low interest, motivation, and energy.
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One task at a time: the back-to-basics recipe for success

one task at a time
One task at a time. It’s the new, back-to-basics recipe for success. This article is a quick reminder to you of why it’s such a powerful approach.
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